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Nick Busch, Co-Editor


Nick Busch is an Instructor of Political Science at a community college.  He is a native West Virginian who recently found himself teaching on the prairies of central Illinois.  He has worked in politics at every level from local to national.  Before beginning a career in academia, he worked as an aide to various county officials and state legislators, as well as intensive work on presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2008.  He also worked as a campaign strategist and consultant at the local and state level.  In addition to politics, Nick is a lifelong lover and advocate of all things Appalachian.  He is a member of the Appalachian Studies Association and the American Political Science Association.  He earned his AA from West Virginia University at Parkersburg, BA in Political Science from Marietta College, and his MA in Political Science from Ohio University.  He is a proud husband, father, and Episcopalian.  His areas of interest are broad, but primary focus is given to international relations, American foreign policy, elections in the United States, Appalachian issues and advocacy, and the intersection of faith and politics.  After coming up with the idea to start an online newsmagazine, he asked his friends to write and tyrannically named himself Editor-in-Chief to satisfy his ego…that newsmagazine is


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