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Charles Corra, Co-Editor


Charles Corra is a native West Virginian, cradle-Episcopalian, and current law student at Michigan State University.  Charles got his blogging start by contributing with MyDD and Firedoglake’s The Seminal.  He was given a chance by Jason Rosenbaum to write on the front page of The Seminal, and did so for almost 6 months.  After taking a hiatus from FDL, Charles was hired by to write for their Environmental advocacy blog.

Charles’s interests focus primarily on environmental sustainability, labor and collective bargaining, and the intersection between faith and politics.  In the past, Charles has focused heavily on the on-going struggle between miners and coal companies in West Virginia.  In addition to writing, Charles has also worked on several political campaigns at the local and national level.  He is a proud Eagle Scout, budding hip-hop enthusiast, and lover of anything James Bond.  He can be reached on Twitter at @Corradotcharles



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