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Peace, Love, and War?


From Freedom House on Flickr

Today’s post comes to us from Oh the Places You Will Go.  

Today at work one of my bosses proceeded to tell me that if he were Barrack Obama he would make Syria a parking lot…that’s the moment I lost all hope in the average American citizen. He literally said we need to “Hiroshima” them.

Take a moment and step out of everything you have ever known about America. Remove yourself from all sense of patriotism and nostalgia. Then imagine the Syrian people. Being attacked by their own government. Hundreds of thousands dead or displaced from their homes. Then for a moment imagine the US bombing those people. Does that sound like something productive…does it sound like those people need more bombs. Furthermore at what point did the average Syrian citizen become our enemy? Then why would we need to use our own weapons of mass distraction? We confiscate those weapons from other countries. Places bans on the countries we don’t deem trustworthy enough to carry that kind of power. Who put us in charge of making those decision for the rest of the world. Last time I checked, the United States created its country by nearly wiping out the Native American population, spent over two centuries enslaving Africans and put Japanese-Americans in War Relocation Camps, aka our own version of concentration camps.

Our track record with our own people is pretty bad. I’m not saying that nothing needs to be done. That the Syrian people should be left to die. I’m just simply stating that we have no right to add to the death toll.


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