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(Dis)respect the Chemistry


From craniodsgn on deviant art

Bashar al-Assad has an inferiority complex.  Normally, when someone has such a thing they try to compensate by creating a facade that they excel at the very things they feel inferior about.  If you’re the ruthless dictator of Syria however, you just use chemical weapons.

President Obama is set to meet with national security advisers today on the subject of Syria’s use of chemical weapons, a subject that comes as very little surprise to the international community.  Though there is yet to be “conclusive proof” (at least that I have read), the general consensus is that Assad and his officials gave the green light for chemical weapons to be used.

The Syrian government has had no moral qualms about killing innocent civilians, including children, to prove a point.  And a halfhearted attempt at establishing a public image by way of an instagram account is not fooling anyone.

The Obama Administration is forced with making a difficult decision on what the United States role in Syria will be for the future.  With the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, it would be unwise to send a large military presence to Syria, but standing idly by doesn’t seem to be an option on the table either.

I despise war and am opposed to military occupations for the most part.  However, the moral compass in me suggests that the United States cannot sit back and do nothing.  Maybe it isn’t any of our business meddling in other countries’ affairs.  But Syrians are being murdered by the dozens every day.  Its hard to do nothing.

Walter White says respect the chemistry, and he is right.  Respect the chemistry by not using it to kill your own citizens.  Maybe Walt does have some moral failings, but he might have a point here.



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  1. sonatano1 says:

    Whatever happens in Syria, it seems it will be a bad outcome for the US government. Nobody’s talked about what would follow if Assad’s regime were to fall, but I fear a political vacuum.

    I’ve heard some suggest the chemical weapons attack was carried out by the US and/or Israel, but I don’t see it as very likely. Assad clearly has no problems with killing his own citizens and we knew he had chemical weapons. It’s not hard to believe he’d use them.

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