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Issue One Preview


The inaugural issue of The Moderate Observer is set to be released on Monday, April 15.  Here is a preview of what to expect…

Issue One Skyline Promo

Coming in Issue 1:

Dia-Korea of the Mouth (Nick Busch)

As tensions rise on the Korean peninsula, there has been no shortage of saber rattling on both sides of what seems to be an imminent conflict.  This article traces some of the recent developments in US-DPRK policy.  It will also offer some ideas for future action, primarily calling for a tougher stance toward North Korea with an emphasis on improved relations between the United States and China.

Droning On… (Charles Corra)

The controversial nature of drone warfare is nothing new.  The idea that unmanned aircraft could rain death upon unsuspecting targets has been both idealized and feared.  The politics of the issue came to the forefront recently with a dramatic filibuster on the Senate floor and a demand by Senator Rand Paul that the Justice Department publicly clarify that the United States government does not have the authority to use drones against Americans on American soil.  This article will explore the various legal issues regarding drone strikes both domestically and internationally.

National Insecurity (Sean Merrill)

It is quickly becoming no secret how much the government keeps secret.  In fact, the Bush (43) and Obama Administrations have increased the classification of national security documents to the extent that they have both been widely compared to the administration of Richard Nixon.  Sure, some things are best kept within a small circle of officials with security clearances, but this article explores the degree of distrust and insecurity experienced by the public when there is excessive secrecy and confusion regarding what our government is doing.

BSA: Big Tent Politics (Drew Grande)

The Boy Scouts of America have long been scrutinized for their ban on openly gay scouts and leaders within the organization.  This article provides a detailed explanation of the structure of the organization as well as the intricacies of the debate regarding the deliberate exclusion of homosexual members.

Rebirth of “Hawkey?” (Harry Hawkings)

It has been argued, much to the dismay of the die hard hockey fans, that their beloved sport had been declining in popularity.  There had even been whispers that it might one day fall into the obscurity associated with other less popular nation or region specific sports like cricket and rugby.  After the recent popularity of the Chicago Blackhawks, some have said that the sport has been revived and has taken the global spotlight with renewed vigor.  This article traces the last decade of the NHL and argues that while the “Hawks” may have helped, they should not take all the credit for the resurgence of hockey.


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